Is 12 Characters a ‘performance’, a ‘workshop’, or something else?

The same friend who asked me recently about what the target group is for 12 Characters events also asked me this question:

How do you see your activity, as a performance, workshop or something else?

Again, this is something that I’ve not really known how to answer and it has mattered to me a great deal. So him asking me the question gave me the opportunity to begin to get clear. Continue reading “Is 12 Characters a ‘performance’, a ‘workshop’, or something else?”

What is the target audience for 12 Characters

I was asked recently by someone looking to host a 12 Characters event the following helpful question:

What target group you would have in mind, e.g. the  “converted”, the “deniers”,  the “sceptics”, or whatever labels you would like to give them?

I liked it because it made me think long and hard about where I stood. Here are my current thoughts. Continue reading “What is the target audience for 12 Characters”

12 Characters – Brynfedwen

Things we tried

  • The “Mythic Triads” as pause questions:
    • Pause One (after: “I did the math” – jason, “I have kids, hopelessness is simply not an option” – clara, and “Let’s party like it’s 2099″-  april)
      • Choose One to marry
      • One character to send to a desert island
      • One to dance with in a graveyard until dawn
    • Pause Two (after: “What will the future think of me?”- jason, “Bring it on!” – clara, and “Defend this ground” – april)
      • One character took you to the top of a mountain
      • One character took you to a dark cave
      • One threw you in a raging river
    • Pause Three (after: “It’s gonna happen – but to somebody else” – jason, “The apocalypse is my gravy train” – april, and “Better to be hopeful” – clara)
      • One character brought you a Gift of fire
      • One brought you a Gift of water
      • One Stole from you
    • Pause Four (after: “This means war” – april, “Despair is our only hope” – clara, “I want a better catastrophe” – jason)
      • One character brings you a handful of feathers
      • One brings you a handful of sand
      • One brings you a handful of worms
  • spectrogram
  • inviting participants to share with one another before starting the monologues
  • singing led by Clara before we began and after we ended
  • opening poem – “Grandfather” Sara Jolena Wolcott