Our Gatherings

Having consulted with the oracle, I’ve been inspired to build into the framework of our comings together a place for mystery, a place for the cycles of life to inspire us, and for movements bigger than our personal concerns to have a place at the table. One aspect of that is our gatherings will take place on the waning and waxing half-moons of each month – almost two weeks apart but not always on the same calendar day.

At this point, I am envisioning a minimum of 9 gatherings from 21 March until 17 July – I’ve listed 3 further dates in case those are needed. I’m suggesting that we meet for up to 2 hours starting at 7pm on each of those evenings.

Before each of the gatherings, I’ll send out what readings from The Unlikely Peace that I’m suggesting that we take to heart for that period a few optional readings from other works, as well as activities to consider for that moon.