The Three Agreements

In my initial conversations with Andrew Boyd, the author of the monologues – 12 Characters in Search of an Apocalypse – published in 2017 in Issue 11 of Dark Mountain Project, he wanted the monologues to be used in any way that was helpful as long as I agreed to the following three conditions. I am asking that anyone who hosts a gathering using these materials agrees to abide by the same three conditions. If these conditions are not clear or if you want to change them please email me: – otherwise you are agreeing to them by continuing.

Agreement One – not for profit

The gathering that you organize is not a profit-making event. If you want to ask for contributions to help cover expenses or if you want to include a pot for making donations to your group or even if you want to charge a small fee per person to cover your costs and your time – these are all within the spirit of the agreement.

Agreement Two – credit where credit is due

Please identify the people who made this possible – Andrew Boyd is the author of the monologues and Jason Stewart is the co-founder of the conversation gatherings. Be generous with your recognition and your gratitude.

Agreement Three – share what you learn

Jason has crafted an online space to gather resources, ask questions, and share learnings at The 12 Characters Forum – if you haven’t already done so, please register there and let the other hosts around the world know who you are and why you’re passionate about bringing these conversations to your community. Once you’ve completed your gathering share how it went and what you’ve learned so that we can pass it along.


Thank you for agreeing to support the continued growth of the 12 Characters project by agreeing to these three conditions. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We hope you find the material helpful. If you have suggestions for additions or changes please post it into the forum.
Thank you,
Jason and Andrew