Help translate the Characters into your local language

In order to carry these conversations to a global audience, we want to make the monologues available in as many local languages as possible.

Thanks to the (seemingly) tireless work of Nicco Kunzmann 12 Characters has been registered into the Transifex crowdsourced translation system! Since its registration it has been translated into Arabic and German with other languages in the works. There is a group working on Spanish and another on Romanian. Here are the currently available translations.

In order to help, please register yourself on the Forum. Read the threads in the ‘Translation’ channel and make a post introducing yourself and let us know why you’re passionate about this and what language you’d like to assist with.

Please email if you need more information.

Currently Available Translations

You can download the stories below, in these languages, contribute translations, correct mistakes and adapt the translation, so it better fits reading and your culture. Help us on Transifex.

If your language is not available and you like to translate to it, you can always request that we integrate it.